Here We Go

Started the day getting the girls off to school and doing all the mommy stuff that is required to get my babies off to school with a full stomach(healthy breakfast) and fully clothed. I weighed myself this morning and viola I am 191. I was 191.5 yesterday. I am not going to do anything drastic. I am doing exactly what I said yesterday and that is eating clean and working out. I will work out at least for a minimum of 5 days a week. The .5lb that I lost is a little gift from God because I choose to eat a large salad last night with a small piece of steak cut up on top of it. My husband and my kids had veggies and spinach tortilla from Trader Joes(my favorite) but I did not want to have that because I always feel bloated the next day when I eat pasta. BTW I have chosen to eat a low gluten diet because I just feel a lot better and have more energy when I do not eat much gluten anymore. At the beginning of the year I was 204lbs so I have been working at this on and off for about 9 months but it was not until yesterday when I read that CNN did I get serious. Have a rocking day!!

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