191…Ok we are starting to move in the right direction

I am just going to have to be super strict about this eating clean. l like it when I get up and get on the scale and it is going down. Yes I am love the scale. I know that some people say that is not healthy however being 191lbs is not healthy either. The way I see it, the scale help me to confirm when I am making good choices(eating clean and exercising). If you have a eating disorder then I am obviously aware that being scale focused is not a good thing. I have an eating disorder meaning I order to much when I go out to eat. I am not trying to be politically correct or say all the right things pertaining to weight loss, I am just sharing my journey with people so that hopefully I can help someone and also hold myself accountable for my choices. Have a rocking day:)

One thought on “191…Ok we are starting to move in the right direction

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