What an interesting last few days

190.5 today so I am feeling pretty good. I ate clean today and yesterday but I must admit that I did royally mess up over the weekend or was it Monday. No actually it was Tuesday that I absolutely gorged myself on bbq brisket. I was so sneaky about it that I dropped my family off at the park and told them I had to run and errand(which I did) but what I failed to tell them was that I also wanted to pig out with feeling like a failure. But you know what even though they did not know, I still felt like a failure because I am actually harder on myself than anybody else. I got over feeling bad very quickly because I have learned in the past that feeling bad only leads to bad choices and it also feeling bad is a catalyst for more bad things to happen in life. It really is true our lives are a product of our thoughts. Therefore I chose to pick myself up and keep going. I did not use the term start over because I do not feel I am starting over. I feel like this is just part of the journey.

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