Habits, habits, habits

I am loving the direction my life is taking. I love my life and this weight loss journey has helped me to love it even more. I wish people really understood how powerful eating clean and exercising is. I was just driving yesterday and felt good but something felt a little off then I realized that I hadn’t been to the gym in 4 days because of a snow storm here in Atlanta so I called up one of the women I met at a zumba class and asked her if she wanted to go play tennis. She said yes. We went and played and had so much fun. Now mind you we are not very good in fact we both just started taking lessons in November but still it was great hitting the ball and running around the tennis courts like awkward preteens. I mention this because last night before bed I was tired and a little sore from my little tennis excursion however when I woke up this morning I felt amazing and I slept really well. I felt off yesterday because I have made it a habit to go to the gym and workout 5 days a week and because I hadn’t for 4 days I felt something was off. I also have been eating clean for a while and I do not eat much gluten however when we were snowed in I made pancakes 3 days in a row and even though I only ate 1 each day (ok, 2 on the 2nd day) it still made me feel heavy and mentally a little foggy. I am not a trainer, dietician, doctor or anything like that. I am just a wife, mom and entrepreneur however I would venture to say that if more people would just exercise and eat clean there would be less need for antidepressants and obesity would become a thing of the past. My heart aches sometimes when I think of how I let myself go for so long however I do not focus on that. I am staying focused on the fact that I a moving in the right direction now and for that I am thankful. Have a rocking day!

P.s There are now excuses…even though we were snowed in most of the week I still got out 1 of those days and walked around my neighborhood in the snow. Walking in snow is a great work out and I did get my heart rate up even though I could not go very fast. Because of the effort it took to trudge through snow I got a nice workout. I just really like my gym and I missed it because it is finally a habit:)

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