If you fall…get up

I fell off of the fitness wagon but I am back on it. I have to admit for some reason this time it was easier to get back on track. I am excited about becoming fit and being a better example for my girls but I also hope that I can help other people that may have issues with their weight and feel like it is impossible. Here is a really cool thing that I realized…I stopped working out as much and I was not as sticking to my new fit lifestyle however I did not gain as much weight back this time as I did last time. I would actually tell you how much I gained but my scale is not working. The reason I know I did not gain as much back is because my jeans still fit (a little snugger) and I can still see my fluffy when I look down;) I know that may not seem like a big deal however I use to be so fat that I could not see my fluffy(pubic hair). I still remember the day I was in the shower and realized that I could look down and see my fluffy. I think I cried a little because at that time it had been at least 8 years since I could do that. I will post how much I gained once I change the battery on my scale. I have also got back on track with work and being consistent with my schedule. It is funny how one area of your life can spill over to the next area. I plan on sticking with my new lifestyle. This is not a diet it is a lifestyly…so what is my new lifestyle…I am glad you asked:

Eat clean(veggies, lean protein and fruit)
Stay healthy(cardio, yoga, not stressing over work and enjoying every day)
Spend quality time with my family(quality time with husband and kids, vacation, church and volunteering)

Rock on!!!

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