It really is all good!

I refuse to write a “looking back on 2014 I….” post or a “In 2015 I will…”…no I will not do that. Right now I am at the park watching my little girls play on the swing.  I stopped in the middle of my self imposed 5k to let them play. I walked around the park and it gave me a chance to think about how lucky and blessed I am right now at this minute.  2014 is the past and it was awesome but I also learned some lessons…nuff said. 2015 is the future and I will visualize,  dream and work diligently…nuff said. Right now is what matters. Learning from your past,  working towards your dreams and living life to the fullest right now.  It is so weird how all of “it” is true! You know the advice to give your all, dream big and work your butt off and at the same time you have to relax, live in the now, enjoy your loved ones, meditate and grow spiritually.  You have now and live it well! ROCK ON!

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