I am working on it:)

Ok, what am I doing for me right now?  What am I doing to make sure my goals are met this year? Lately I have wrote about my thoughts, feelings and ideas. I wrote about these things on purpose because it was a nice way not to reveal that I still have a long way to go on my two main goals. So here goes… this is what I am doing. 


-I am eating clean.  More fruits and vegetables
-Only 1 cup of coffee a day
-I started working out 5 days a week(again)
-I need to drink more water….so that is an in progress situation
-Add yoga to my routine


-25  follow ups a day
-Make a budget and stick to it
-10 new contacts a day
-Write daily
-Update my website
-Finish personal site
-Get a consistent maintenance schedule for the trucks and equipment
-Meet with my accountant monthly

I am being transparent for my own benefit and hopefully to help others.  I really like writing about thoughts,  feeling and goals but sometimes it is nice to talk about the tangible things we can do daily to help make our dreams come true.  I hope that I can help someone by sharing what I am working on and updating my progress.

Rock On!

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