It’s Not That Deep!

I have been married to an amazing man for 11 years and a good friend of mine has been married to an amazing man for 18 years and another friend of mine has been married to an amazing man for 13 years and my brother, who is also an amazing man, has been married for almost 20 years.

I read all these blogs and Facebook posts about men, women,  relationships and spirituality…all I can say is ugh! The key to a happy marriage is to just be happily married knowing that there will be some ups and downs but in the end it comes down to love and respect. 

The ways to NOT have a happy marriage:

Get with someone elses man/woman and expect it to work out (you are not Brad and Angelina and who knows what really happens at home).

Ignore that feeling in your gut when something just doesn’t seem right while you are dating.

Thinking that you will find the perfect person. You will find the perfect person for you but not a perfect person.

Marry a gay person and you are straight (if you are both bisexual that may be a different story that probably work out well). Sex is sex and people like what they like and if you don’t like it then you might be barking up the wrong tree.

Date someone with bad character traits and think it will change when you get married.  Marriage magnifies!

Get with someone because he/she is rich…hint…most of the people that become wealthy are smart in some, way shape or form and when they wake up and realize you married him/her for stuff they will start to treat you like “stuff.”

Try to love someone into loving themselves. 

Thinking that if you get pregnant he will marry you…whole other subject….

There are many more but I thought I might mention these because I am so over single people thinking that a good marriage is some fantasy unobtainable thing or married people with these so called “marriage ministries” that dupe single people into forking over hard earned money to learn “the secrets” to a good marriage.  

Here is the real secret….wait for it…love and respect each other and work through your issues and make divorce a non option. …i.e. if you are dealing with some one with mental issues (meaning they will kill you…then you should pack up and leave now..with or without money…leave!)

Marriage is amazing!  Rock On:)

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