It’s hard and then it gets easier

For those of us that set goals and try to achieve success in our chosen area it can be really hard. It can be extremely hard. Hard to stay focused.  Hard to find resources.  Hards to keep pushing forward.  Hard to keep a great attitude through adversity.  However it seems that things get a little easier once you make a “real” decision.  A real decision makes life easier in so many ways. 

I use the term a “real decision” because most of us don’t make real decision because a real decision makes excuses go away.  A real decision helps to quell fear. A real decision means that in your mind there is no turning back.     A real decision helps you to find the strength to say no to a donut and yes to a kale and egg frittata.  A real decision helps to calm your anxiety when you get  unpleasant phone calls or texts that question your integrity because of a less that comfortable situation you may be in. A real decision is hard because sometimes it is hard to see the end result of your efforts.  In the end a real decision makes things easier because


Misty Copeland decided she was going to be a premier ballerina against all odds

once you really and I mean really decide what you want, who you are and where you want to be, then getting rid of all distractions is easier.  Sticking with your plans is easier.  Choosing to keep moving forward and never quiting is easier after you make a “real decision.”

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