Wow weekend! Ugh Monday but…


I have heard people say “don’t get to excited because something bad always happens after something good.” Well I am not going to believe that. I spent a great weekend with my family and some friends and I came back and had a very productive day in my business only for my day to end on a crappy note.  I needed to take a break because I have felt a little depressed and overwhelmed.  I am by nature a pretty happy person and I have an optimistic outlook on life so when I felt that my joy was leaving me I decided that I needed to reset my brain.   Being around family and friends helped me to feel joy again and it helped me reset my brain back to being positive and I really believe that is why I had a less stressful more productive day….well up until the end.  But once again I trust God to help me make things right.

I believe everything happens for a reason and we just have to trust God and his divine goodness. I don’t know why bad things happen after good things but what I do know is that I am going to live my life expecting good to happen on a daily basis.  There is so much beauty, peace, love, passion,  forgiveness and joy in the world but sometimes we forget that because bad things happen.  I like to look at it this way “somthing good always happens after something bad.” Have a blessed day.

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