People Are Awesome!


I am continually amazed at the beautiful connection that people have to one another.  Yesterday I was inspired by a beautiful mom at the gym and  encouraged by another fabulous mom.  A friend of mine called just to say hi and to see how I was doing.  I hung out with my sister and had a healthy lunch and was introduced to a great place to get my healthy “stuff.” One of my guys rearranged the work schedule on his own to get more accomplished in a timely manner.  Over the weekend I spent time with my family and a group wonderful kids from church. I was treated so kind and rewarded in such a beautiful manner for something I enjoy doing…volunteering.    I mention these things because these people were just living their life but their energy and spirit made my day brighter. 

I pray that more people will open their eyes to the amazing connection we have to one another.  People sometimes complain about social media,  smart phones and tablets but they are just another tool to help us stay connected.  Staying connected to other people just makes life more fun:) I also hope that people will start to appreciate how a short in person conversation in a cafe can put a smile on a person’s face.  A hug is a wonderful way to connect for just a moment in time. A smile is a great way to send good vibes to someone and a soft touch on the shoulder is a nice way to say “I see you.”

Sometimes I get cought up in life and forget to take a moment to breath and say thank you and sometimes all it takes is a thoughtful persons phone call or a kind person’s “hey, we missed you in class” to remind me of what is important.  God bless you and have a rocking day!

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