Good Morning


Life is good and that is all I have to say!!! I have watched the political climate and the issues facing our country today through the filter of the media and I do not like what I see. However when I look at my real life….ahhhh life is good. Not perfect but awesome, messy, fun, chaotic, challenging, inspiring, tearful, joyful and all around good. I see wonderful  people sharing their energy and lives with others. I see checkers at the grocery store being extra patient with a slightly confused senior. I see a business associate that has a full plate take the time to give me advice. I see a biker dude at Walmart pick up a fallen package for a man that looks nothing like him and the man smiles and says thank you “brother.” I see 2 tired moms at Walmart trying to put party plans together for group of nine girls that have no clue they are going to Disney(hehe). I see Black, White and Latino men building a stadium that hundreds of thousands of people will enjoy….The world I see is beautiful, kind, challenging, sometimes loud and sometimes quiet but always worth it. I see you and you are beautiful and blessed!

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