Coffee with vanilla almond milk and oatmeal


Salad with tuna


Almonds and a apple


Carrots, kale, sushi, quinoa and a piece of salmon

Daily 1 gallon of water ( Start drinking early in the morning)

Once again no big story. Just doing what I need to do for my health and wealth. Just the necessities…no new clothes until I lose 10lbs and as I go down I will donate the clothes from the previous months loss….but I will not be buying size 16/18….so 8 more pounds and I will get new jeans…yuppie!!!! Lose weight and build wealth. Lost 2lbs and saved 3 dollars:)


To help with my wealth. I am working on myself and my sales. My goal is to make at least 50 calls today (I am a entrepreneur/salesperson).

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