This is a honest blog…even on the bad days….I ate everything yesterday…and it showed up on the scale. In the morning I try to write what I plan to eat but yesterday that plan clearly went out the window because I ended the night eating a black bean burger, French fries, doughnuts, a large southwest salad, sauteed peppers and guacamole that was dinner not a good choice….

I have not stop my quest but an honest enough to know that sometimes I just make really stupid choices but that does not mean I’m going to give up by the end of the year I will have reached my goal and actually within 6 months I know I will have lost at least 30 pounds. At this point I am clearly nowhere near my goal of getting to a 150 pounds and 140 pounds would be great but if I get to 150 lbs I will have accomplished my goal. That means I have 66 more pounds to go.

I can do this but I got really depressed yesterday about some business and personal stuff and I let it show up on my plate. We can do this.

Any time I put food on my blog it’s what I plan on eating that day and if I don’t eat it then the next day I will update you as to what I actually ate and how I messed up or how I did great.

I am still taking a picture because even though I’m not proud of myself for messing up yesterday I’m gonna focus on something I do like about my body which is my smile, my skin, my eyes and my hair…


Coffee with almond milk


Salad with steamed veggies


Broccoli, beans and a romain, spinach and peppers salad.

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