And this is why I was not worried about those couple of pounds… I knew it was water retention from the way I ate the previous days. I am feeling good today I’m feeling light on my feet and clear in my thinking. I can’t really say I have much to say to day other than I will be making at least a 100 follow up calls today for my company which will help improve my business and my goal is consistently do that and for my weight loss my goal I will make sure I get 30 minutes of walking in today and to also do 30 minutes of yoga. I realize I do not have to do this all at 1 time. I will either do the yoga on my lunch break and the walking this evening or vice versa. Breakfast: I already ate so I know I had a avocado toast, to fork spoonfuls of eggs, a 3rd of a cup of blueberries and 2 spoonfuls of my daughter’s oatmeal and a coffee with cream in it. Lunch: A large ravages salad and some type of beans. A bowl of broccoli and lentil soup. (I know it sounds weird but I love this combination) Saved $10


Gallon water today

I ate Ahi-tuna salad from Houston’s and I would say I ate easily a 3rd but definitely not half of the Spinach artichoke with my brother (He ate the rest)

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