Me and my little munchkin went to the Atlanta history museum today to spend some time together and what we see…..a sheep. Thought I forgot but I didn’t. I had a green shake for breakfast and I had a veggie pizza and tomato soup for lunch and for dinner I’m having a very very large salad with fresh veggies on top and black beans. Just started So even though I’m up a few ounces I don’t care cause I feel great and eating this way has allowed for my period to not to be such a big deal. It is just another event but it is not making me feel bloated, heavy and crazy and I believe that is all because I’m eating better 🙂 I am also getting myself some liquid minerals because I remember when I used to take them also felt better and more balanced. Work was I contacted my website guy again to get things straightened out my website but they’re still more work that he needs to do. I activated a car that I’ve been meaning to activate for like 2 weeks. I took the initiative and friend requested 5 people today. My goal is to be more pro active while building my Facebook page and also become more involved and Instagram and I also have got to get this book out before it drives me crazy. When I get home assuming it’s not too late I will work on cleaning off my desk and if I do not get a chance to clean out my desk this evening then I will definitely get up early tomorrow and do something with my desk to organize it. Organizing myself and eating clean is all part of my lifestyle change it’s not just the weight loss it’s about getting rid of clutter and making good choices.

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