I have no idea and it ain’t good

It is no secret that I am completely 100% off course. But I am getting back on course once again this is a year long journey so you are going to be privy to some of my innermost thoughts even when I mess up. My goal is to lose this weight and I’m going to lose this way but I am gonna have days that I have set backs and I might him I have weeks that are setbacks such as the warm that I’m having right now. But I will get back on track and in fact tonight that starts not because of this blog but because I just want to be healthy. By the way I forgot to weigh this morning so whatever it was I’m sure I would have no problem writing because it’s not about vanity, it’s about being honest about where I’m at right now. And where I’m at right now is financially I am dealing with some chambol challenges and mentally I’m dealing with some challenges it physically I just don’t feel like working out and I don’t want to work out but the funny thing is I know I will work out and I know I will eat healthy because I’m not gonna let my emotions keep me from reaching my goals. When I am upset i.e. And I have been upset quite a bit but that’s not to mean that I will throw in the towel what that means is that I’m going to be honest about the fact that when I’m upset I eat but I am going to work or choosing a better way to deal with my stress. Also I am sure this message or post is a little discombobulated because I’m doing voice to text but I just wanna get the words out and of course I will go back later and fix that and if you see mistakes in my other post it’s probably because I did the same thing voice to text. I love you and I hope that you stay on this journey with me.

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