Diary of a Happy Black Woman.

I am happily married and I have 2 really great kids so why isn’t my story being told. I have up and downs like most people do but as a rule I am a pretty happy person. I am happy even though I have faced bankruptcy several times. I am happy even though I was abused as a young girl. I am happy even though I have been betrayed by a close family member. I am happy even though my closest sister/friend died at a young age. I am happy even though mental illness run rampant in my family’s bloodline. I am happy and I choose to be happy.

However, I am not an anomaly. I know many happy Black women but why are our stories not told. Sure we have shows like Blackish and characters like the loving wife in This Is Us. Even on channels that cater to Black women we are categorized as successful yet bitter, lonely, love sick emotionally damaged women.  Or we are categorized as the young urban street smart girl with a bad temper. Or my all time favorite the successful business woman that is confident, smart, educated, multilingual, kicks butt and take names and sleeps with everything that moves (men, women and teenagers…).  I am over it. We have a choice now and in many cases(not all) we call the shots.

Please help me to understand. If we have choices now then why are we still choosing to watch the same stereo typical characters. By the way I live in Atlanta and the successful Black real wives (not girlfriends or side chicks) do not behave the way “those” women on those reality shows behave. I know there has to be a certain amount of drama and tension to make a show work however I think there is a lot of entertainment value in watching happy people figure out how to make their lives work for them and their family, friends and business associates. I see shows like Blackish, American House Wife, The Goldbergs and Fresh Off The Boat and I know there is an audience for family entertainment and against the grain characters.  I also see movies coming out like Black Panther and I know we have made progress. I know we can do better. I know we will do better and I know there is an audience for Happy Black Women!



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