Got up early and….

Got up early this morning and actually had enough energy to walk the dog with my little Meggie… I know sometimes I am all over the place with my energy and my up’s and downs when it comes to my weight loss. But I will say there is a trend….everyday my sustainable energy is getting better. For me to have the energy to get up in the morning and walk the dog is huge. I believe that I have better energy because I am eating better and the weight is coming off even though it has not showed up on the scale this week. I know that 212 point something is better than 217 point something however I was hoping I would have made more progress since the beginning of the year. I have to take my own advice and look at the positive.


I am more consistent than I use to be even though I am still inconsistent.

I exercise more

I eat cleaner

I drink more water

And I must say for the 50th time in 1 week…I am wearing smaller jeans…lol!!!!

I got up early and walked the dog (that is a miracle)

I think getting up earlier, walking the dog and eating a healthy breakfast or shake is a better way to start the day as opposed to rolling over picking up my phone checking my accounts, checking email and looking at Facebook. 😁


I know I have not listed as much stuff about my business progress the financial goals but believe me I’m working on those too and I will have some updates soon.

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