Love wins in the end…

You may win the battle but you’ll never win the war….what does that look like? I am glad you asked:)

-Family falling apart
-A wife that made sure she had an “insurance baby” but will not let you touch her now(everyone knows how that works)
-Completely loss of respect for your party (love those family values)
-inspired a whole generation to wake up and come at you hard until they show you that in the end common sense and love wins every time.
-Your supporters have to literally act oblivious and stand up on Sunday and talk about Jesus knowing that they are supporting the antithesis of what Jesus lives and died for.
-We have a divided country that is supposed to live by “United We Stand”
-you and your supporters have to stand under the false premise of making America great when America is already great because you guys are scared about the fact that women and minorities will be a part of the ruling class in less than 30 years.
-and now you have to stand on the fact that literally you did not win this election alone, you had help from Russia and you know it.

Love Wins Every Single Time

We really are becoming the “United” States of America because we are united against stupidity and those that do not stand with us against stupidity will be just like the other people in the past who in the end lost the war!

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