Discipline and Consistency

I am up early this morning working out. I am stretching and doing some yoga poses. I am making green and oatmeal for breakfast. I know that my issue is discipline and consistency. I still weigh less than I did at the beginning of the year however the scale has not moved much in the last couple of months. I know that I am not consistent. I am looking at my finances also and even though I have paid off more debt I have not paid off as much as I had planned because I have not been disciplined with managing my money.

Today I have already worked out. The next thing I am going to do is revisit my debt list and start making small payments weekly on my debt again. I am going to reach back out to the people and companies that I owe and restructure my arrangements. I am making savings and investing a priority. I am focused on increasing my revenue and getting my paperwork in order.

I bring up my financial and business stuff because I know that my weight loss is affected by what goes on in my mind. My mind functions better when I work out, eat clean and make progress in my company and finances.




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