Just A Thought

Racism is ALWAYS based on ignorance and fear!!
These are facts that unfortunately in the head of the ignorant will fuel their fear.
100% fact…
Fact! Because this country is made up of many different races and cultures over time this country will become browner.
Fact! Because we truly are a nation that progresses forward, we will move towards creating opportunities and providing opportunities to all people, not just one race, so wealth will be accumulated by people of color that choose to educate themselves, work hard, follow their dreams and never give up no matter how hard life gets.
Fact! People that consider themselves white supremacist usually are not very “supreme” in many areas of their life which include emotional intelligence which in turn is why they have to look at others to blame for the problems in their life or their percieved “the world is falling apart” mentality.
Fact! Minorities and people from other cultures on average have more children than non minorities which in turn affects the population. Many of the people that are born into these circumstances are choosing to work hard and do better for themselves thus learning to live their American dream which in turn makes those that are less willing to work hard get left behind in technology and in other fields.
Fact! The reason why this is in the news every day of the week is not because it’s fake news, it’s because as a country we thought we had moved past this. There are so many people that are outraged because we are determined to move in a direction where we have liberty and justice for all. We will not go back to the way things use to be.
Fact! As a country we always move forward towards unity and progress. We will always move towards inclusion and freedom. And for the people that are not accepting of this, they will be left behind regarless of who they are. They think they can change things and make us go backwards but as a country but we will always move forward. As a country regarless of what it looks like right now we will one day truly be the UNITED States of America.
And for the record I am absolutely NOT surprised when a snake bites. However I am surprised when honest, loving, caring, smart intelligent people allow snakes in their house and allow them to bite other people and say nothing or just bury their head in the sand.
If you don’t know what’s gonna happen when all this settles let me give you a hint…The civil war, the civil rights movement, marriage equality, the suffrage movement and WWll…. In the end love wins every single time…
My husband is white
My kids are biracial
My brother in law is from El Salvador (owns a business)
My mentor is Jewish
My other mentor is Indian
My grandmother is part Native American
My friend is part of the LGBTQ community
My crews are latino
I can go on and on…..
Also if you don’t like the way America is changing then you are welcome to go back to whatever country your ancestors came from unless of course they were Native American

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