206…moving in the right direction!

Simple but yummy breakfast! Spicy vegan sausage, 1 egg, 1 slice of vegan cheese on gluten free bread with guacamole! I love eating this kind of breakfast because I feel full longer! I will do my 7 min workout today and I meditate for 20 min:) Also healthy yummy food is a must…must include a healthy fat😀

208.6 real numbers

I was 210 yesterday and I am 208.6 today.  I ate mostly clean yesterday. I will share with you what I am doing today…I am walking for 30 minutes and this evening I am doing 30-45 min of yoga(not good at it but it makes me feel good).  I had gluten free French toast, salmon croquette and eggs with spinach, beans, a little cheddar and onions and a cup of coffee with almond milk.  I feel really good today and I think that is because I am taking my apple cider vinegar and thyroid supplement before bedtime. I am also getting my sleep in and choosing not to worry about day to day normal business challenges. I am also allowing myself to take a few moments and just be silent. Oh, I almost forgot, I am drinking a gallon of water everyday and I know that helps me feel really good. I hope you have a great day. These posts about this weight journey will probably not be the most eloquent but they will be real and honest.

Yes I am doing this

So here we go…I forgot to weigh this morning because my daughter was running late for swim practice so I jumped out of bed in my jammies and took her to school for swim practice. Then I went to breakfast with my younger daughter. I started out with avocado toast and coffee however I did get a slice of her French Toast…yummy but not in line with my goals. Hey, but at least I am starting off with day 2 of consistently writing about this journey. Now I must go do a little work.

Just A Thought

Racism is ALWAYS based on ignorance and fear!!
These are facts that unfortunately in the head of the ignorant will fuel their fear.
100% fact…
Fact! Because this country is made up of many different races and cultures over time this country will become browner.
Fact! Because we truly are a nation that progresses forward, we will move towards creating opportunities and providing opportunities to all people, not just one race, so wealth will be accumulated by people of color that choose to educate themselves, work hard, follow their dreams and never give up no matter how hard life gets.
Fact! People that consider themselves white supremacist usually are not very “supreme” in many areas of their life which include emotional intelligence which in turn is why they have to look at others to blame for the problems in their life or their percieved “the world is falling apart” mentality.
Fact! Minorities and people from other cultures on average have more children than non minorities which in turn affects the population. Many of the people that are born into these circumstances are choosing to work hard and do better for themselves thus learning to live their American dream which in turn makes those that are less willing to work hard get left behind in technology and in other fields.
Fact! The reason why this is in the news every day of the week is not because it’s fake news, it’s because as a country we thought we had moved past this. There are so many people that are outraged because we are determined to move in a direction where we have liberty and justice for all. We will not go back to the way things use to be.
Fact! As a country we always move forward towards unity and progress. We will always move towards inclusion and freedom. And for the people that are not accepting of this, they will be left behind regarless of who they are. They think they can change things and make us go backwards but as a country but we will always move forward. As a country regarless of what it looks like right now we will one day truly be the UNITED States of America.
And for the record I am absolutely NOT surprised when a snake bites. However I am surprised when honest, loving, caring, smart intelligent people allow snakes in their house and allow them to bite other people and say nothing or just bury their head in the sand.
If you don’t know what’s gonna happen when all this settles let me give you a hint…The civil war, the civil rights movement, marriage equality, the suffrage movement and WWll…. In the end love wins every single time…
My husband is white
My kids are biracial
My brother in law is from El Salvador (owns a business)
My mentor is Jewish
My other mentor is Indian
My grandmother is part Native American
My friend is part of the LGBTQ community
My crews are latino
I can go on and on…..
Also if you don’t like the way America is changing then you are welcome to go back to whatever country your ancestors came from unless of course they were Native American

I will fight!

I am not going anywhere…unless I want too! I will fight you! But I will fight you in a way you can not comprehend or compete. Yes we know you exist and we see the rising of your hate but I see something bigger. I see the rising up of love from all around the world. You are in your self impossed cage and the only reason we hear you is because you are loud…Oh yes you are so loud and of course we hear you. We hear you yelling from your cage of hate. That is why people think you are so big. They think you are so big because your voice is so loud…oh but if they could see you. When they actually see you they will see what I see. I see how small you are. I see you crying in fear of a changing world. I even see the diversity amongst you in your cages. I see the poor ones, the rich ones, the short ones and the tall ones but you all are all the same. Oops I almost forgot…I also see the so-called powerful ones. They think they are powerful but really they aren’t and they know it. They are loud because they know they are small. Small minded, scared and loud. You know what I also see. I see people acknowledging that you exist but choosing to ignore you and move on with their lives. I see people choosing to love one another regardless of race color or creed. That really gets to you doesn’t it! I don’t hate you. Actually I feel sorry for you. Ok, well maybe I do hate you a little but I don’t like the way that feels so I choose better feelings like compassion for the ignorant and disdane (not hate) for the willfully oblivious.
I will fight you by loving my neighbor. I will fight you by not sharing your hate or rhetoric. I will fight you by voting. Good people will fight you by building better schools in underserved neighborhoods. Loving people will fight you by inviting all people into their places of worship and looking past their fear of the “other.” Many people will fight you by starting businesses and building wealth and moving into your neighborhood. Yes, we know you will eventually move to the moutains or something like that just to get away from us but guess what, we will have the resourses to move there too if we choose to. We will fight you by having great careers and building a great life. We will fight you by working our minimum wage jobs with a smile on our face even though we may be tired. We will fight you by praying for a better future for our kids even though we may not know how we are going to make it another day. We will fight you by raising kids that are loving and compassionate and they will go to school with your kids. Your kids will see that the lies you taught them through the goodness displayed by our kids and they will momentarily hate you for it. Then they will learn that hatred is too draining. Your kids will be impressed with our kids’ love and compassion and some of those kids will fall in love with each other and build futures together (you are not invited to the wedding unless you change). We will fight by getting and education and going back to help others get an education. We will fight by volunteering to serve others. We will fight with science, prayer, respect and loyalty to mankind. We will fight with love. Love really is the answer and nothing can stand against it…Love wins in the end.

It still hurts…

It took so long for us to be cool

but we got there.

Our family has issues but you were always a shining light.

You cared, you loved, you tried.

Even when the crazy ones hurt you, you tried to love them anyway.

It still hurts.

My sister, my friend, my babies Auntie Ruthie…oh how they love you.

My tears mean I still love you and I always will.

My tears mean part of me still thinks it’s not fair that one of the good ones is gone and yet the nut job is still here.

My smile means I still see and feel you in my life.

It still hurts…because you are gone.