Same but a little nervous about tomorrow. I started…



Feeling good. Apples are great for fiber….


I really am doing this but it is definitely a struggle one day up 1 day down 1 day up 1 day down but as hard as it is it’s worth it. Good morning I cut him down I trim on my remove them that’s what we do

Left the house and forgot to weigh

I would think I was up at Lisa M pound just because it has some salty stuff last night so I will be honest with you and let you know that period I’ve also started back with my green smoothies not because of a fad but because I like to me I felt so I’ll be doing that for a little while and did obviously eating healthy clean food.


No worries I got this….what did do yesterday. I had my smoothie in the morning and a large salad for dinner. It was a ceasar salad at a restaurant and the dressing was salty…and for lunch yesterday I had bbq jack fruit sandwich and vegan chili cheeze fries….salty and heavy and showed up on the scale today.

I have heard the so called professionals say you can’t gain and lose and gain pounds that quickly just from a couple of bad meals or salt but I know from experience that you can. Most people I know that have weight issues know this to be true also….

Today will be a great day.

P.s. I notice my weight goes down quicker when I eat food from home that is healthy and clean and I know what’s in it.


Moving in the right direction feels good.

Breakfast: Green smoothie

Does that mean I lost 3lbs….since yesterday…..green shake yesterday for breakfast and lunch was salmon and a salad and dinner was a salad and 2 spoons of fried rice…. And I drink a lot of water


Have no idea how I went down without trying but this is a good step in the right direction.

Breakfast: Green shake

Butter honey glazed salmon and a salad for lunch