My Belly is going down…

Still teetering between 206 and 207….progress feels good. I am moving more and of course being mindful of what I eat. Today I am going to go scuba training today. So much fun. Helpful hint: find fun activities that interest you that also happen to involve physical activity:)

Don’t Wait….Start NOW!!

There is this fascination with starting things off in the new year which I do understand however I am choosing not to participate. I am choosing to start or should I say continue with this years resolution.  I am continuing with my goal of working out, loosing weight and making more money(providing more and better service to the market place).  I believe that by tweeking my goals and staying on my original plan (this years resolution) that I will get further ahead.  I have fallen off the wagon of my goals several times this year but I tried not to beat myself up mentally and emotionally.  By doing this I can honestly say that I have been more active this year than I have ever been in the last 15 years.  I have had more fun, participated in unique activities, kept my kids active and have over come obstacles better because of my decision to stick with the plan even if I fall off for a while. Let’s continue with our original resolution and on January 1 continue to build on what we have accomplished this year even if we feel that we did not accomplish as much as we should have.  We can still hit the gym, eat clean and provide more and better service in the market place on a daily basis.  My goal is to keep my goals, build on my progress this year and make new goals once my current goals are accomplished. Happy Early New Year!!!! Rock on:)

Wow! Fall is here and I am so excited for the challenge

I am actually looking forward to the challenges of the fall season for me and my weight loss journey! The reason it is a challenge is because in the next 2 months there are 3 family birthdays in October, 1 birthday in November followed by Thanksgiving. For most people this may not be a challenge however for me it is because I love food and we always celebrate with food.  I know I will make good choices and I have already made up in my mind that I will enjoy the holidays with my friends and family but I will only choose healthy proteins and veggies and I will only eat half of my desert. I am mentally preparing right now so that I will not fall off of my new healthy lifestyle program.  I must mentally prepare now because in the past I was the type of person that would fall off of my diet and I would use that as an excuse to keep messing up for the following days, weeks and months. But those days are over. I am making good choices because I like the way I feel when I eat clean and healthy foods. I do not want to stuff myself because I like having energy and when I stuff myself my energy goes south. I will rise to the occasion and continue on my journey to healthier, happier, leaner and sexier me!! Rock on!!

Yes. It is a great day!

Today is turning into a great day, not because anything great is happening but because this has started off as a horrible day however I am choosing to make it a great day.  We have a choice!!  I mean if you were to sit me down right now at 1:30 Saturday afternoon and ask me what was so great today I would have to say nothing but you know what I will never say that because regardless of the craziness….there is always more good than bad in this world…that is a fact.  So what is good on a day like today. My good is that I have the ability to type (right now), beautiful family, I am breathing, great friends, I can walk and talk, compassion for others, a positive attitude and the ability to think, plan and demand that any challenges that I am facing right now will be absolutely miniscule next week, next month or next year. I actually feel better right now because I choose to feel better:) Life is good!! Rock on!!

I use to feel a tiny bit unworthy but…

I use to feel a little unworthy because even though I have had some challenges in life and in business I really do not work that hard to do what I do for a living. I have always loved sales and actually my first real job was in sales. As a child I worked for my dad in the tree care industry but I did not consider that a real job because he did not pay me(go figure). I felt unworthy sometimes because even when things got hard there was something inside of me that would rise up and give me the strength to go on. I did not know what this was at first and then I realized that with everything I went through I had people in my life that would give me advise, or they would tell me about a book I  should read, or I would be shown a motivational video or I would go to a seminar or just talk to God. I felt a little unworthy because some things came so easily for me, like talking to people or standing up for what I believe in or having the energy to keep going in difficult times. Now there are some people that are just born into very fortunate situations but I was not one of them. I was born into a difficult, depressing and abusive family. Then one day I realized that I am worthy just because………..I am worthy because even though I was born into a bad situation I made a choice to use the energy and brain that I was blessed with to seek out mentors, read books, go to seminars, pray and actually take the advise that was shared with me by some wonderful men and women. I am worthy because I chose to look at  my father and realize that he was a great example of what I did not want in husband. However I also chose to look at him and learn that even though he was a horrible person he was a hard worker and he could be very charming when he wanted to be and that it was important to work hard and make people laugh. I am worthy because I learned from my mother that in life you have a choice to either stay or leave a bad situation. My mother put up with the physical and mental abuse from my dad. She would sit in the kitchen with a bloody and swollen face and look at me and tell me not to be like her. She told me to go be somebody. She told me that I should get an education and read books. She even went so far to say “Don’t you be like me” and sure enough I am nothing like her but I did learn that even though at the time I thought it was weakness, that it does take a weird type of strength to stay in a situation like that (I  do not want that kind of strength).  I am worthy because I chose a profession that is very lucrative and uses my natural abilities. I chose to LISTEN to my heart AND my instincts and  married a nice guy that is a bit of a geek and has an amazing heart. I chose to get rid of people in my life that are toxic. I chose to keep going even when I felt liked quitting. I MADE THOSE CHOICES THEREFORE I AM WORTHY!!!

I Feel Great!

Today was absolutely amazing. Nothing particular spectacular happened today. However today felt special because the results of staying more consistent with eating clean, getting sleep, exercising and choosing not to worry about business stuff paid off with me having more energy and clarity in my thinking. I volunteer to teach a 3rd grade class at church and I was not tired by the end of class. I came home ate a healthy lunch (large green salad with veggies on top) then I worked out for an hour(3pm dance jam class at Lifetime with Roz and Audrey…they rock!). Then a friend was at the gym after class and invited me to play squash. I played squash for an hour (ridiculously amazing workout). Then I came home and made a healthy homemade dinner and hung out with my husband and kids and watched the original Karate Kid!! Ralph Machio was “the man” back in the day. I know for a fact that if this had been a few months ago I would not have had the energy to be fully engaged in these activities because my eating habits and my exercise routine were inconsistent. I hope that seeing how many times I have tried and failed at getting fit that others like myself will come to realize that it doesn’t matter how many times you try and fail because in life you really never fail until you give up and I can assure you I will never ever give up and neither will you!!! Rock on!


That is what I saw on the scale today and the funny thing is I do not remember if it said 189 or 189.5 all I know is that I am out of the 190’s. Eat clean and work out and the results will come. I know there are people out there that loose weight using the latest diet trend but I really want to do this by making small changes that will add up to big changes in the long run. In other words this is not a fad or trend for me…this is a new lifestyle. I met a nice lady the other day, she was 75 and looked like she was 50 and she said as soon as she gets up she puts on her work out clothes. She said she has been doing that for over 40 years and she said that is how she stays in good shape. Oh yeah and eating clean:) Have a rocking day.

192….lol…not funny

Ok so I have this way of understanding just when God is trying to tell me something…and today is one of those days. I have been eating clean and drinking my water. Cheated Sunday(my sister’s birthday party) but other than that I have been good (food wise) but(drum roll) I have slacked off with working out. I get the best and most consistent results when I work out and eat clean. I am going to have to get medieval:) with this consistency thing. Until I get at least to 170 not more cheating and even then I will only cheat a little because this is something I really want to accomplish. BTW my goal weight is 135. No that is not to skinny as some of my friends have told me. I floated between 119 and 126 from the time I was 19 until I was 29 then I just kinda let loose. I love posting this because it make me take a good look at my progress or lack there of. I will be at Lifetime Athletic today!!! Have a rocking day.

191…Ok we are starting to move in the right direction

I am just going to have to be super strict about this eating clean. l like it when I get up and get on the scale and it is going down. Yes I am love the scale. I know that some people say that is not healthy however being 191lbs is not healthy either. The way I see it, the scale help me to confirm when I am making good choices(eating clean and exercising). If you have a eating disorder then I am obviously aware that being scale focused is not a good thing. I have an eating disorder meaning I order to much when I go out to eat. I am not trying to be politically correct or say all the right things pertaining to weight loss, I am just sharing my journey with people so that hopefully I can help someone and also hold myself accountable for my choices. Have a rocking day:)