The Journey (A simple truth)

Ok, for some reason it occurred to me that the journey from Atlanta, GA (or anywhere) to Los Angeles CA(or any place) is like life’s journey, and that all that “positive but true” stuff  motivational people talk about is real.   But I wanted to look deeper/closer at the journey as it relates to life.

There are some people that make goals and get focused and achieve their goals i.e. they get in the car put the address in their gps and just go. They occasionally stop to refuel but for the most part they do not stop to sight see and they do not vere off their path. If an obstacle shows up they deal with it stay focused and keep moving forward until they reach their destination and then all of a sudden their friends are like “how did you get there so fast, you are lucky or you must have left earlier than you said you did in order to get there so fast.” None the less the point is they got to their destination.

Now there is another route to take to get to Los Angeles, CA from Atlanta, GA. Here is what some people’s journey looks like…You get in their car put the address in the gps and head off to LA only to realize that just 15 minutes down the road is an old friend you have not talked to in a while so you stop and visit for a few minutes which turns into hours. Finally you get going again and then you remember that there is  an old co-worker that always wanted to go to LA and so you pull over to call them and spend an hour convincing them they should come with you and sure enough after a disappointing hour you finally give up and decide to continue on your journey alone. Once on the highway you get to going really good when you realize you are hungry, tired and a little lonely on the journey so you stop in a friendly looking state (take your pick) and while at a restaurant with an awesome bar you meet some really great people and sure enough you just “click” with someone and a one night stand turns into a hellish 2 1/2 year abusive relationship. One day you wake up and decide you can’t deal with abuse any longer.  You get back on your journey to LA.  Along the way the car breaks down in a small town and because funds are low you go to the nearest discount place to get the car fixed while you are at the shop a nice man behind the counter notices your frustration and offers you a job for a short period of time “until you get on your feet.” So instead of continuing on your journey you do the “logical” thing and take the job for a short period of time which becomes 3 years and as such you meet a nice person settle down, start a family and wake up one day and both of you are tired of the small town and decide to get back on the journey to LA.  Along the journey you become depressed and discouraged thinking about what could have, should have and would have been if you would have stayed on the journey years ago. Your loved one, sensing your frustration and wanting to make you feel better decides that it would be nice to stop at the Grand Canyon and visit with some relatives you all have not seen for over a year. Your visit only reinforces the fact that you really need to get to LA. You get going again and just as you are crossing into the city of LA you start to think “what the heck am I doing? I don’t have the talent, ability or smarts to make it out here.” You start to look back and think of all the missed opportunities and detours on the journey. You start to think of the lost years that you were side tracked doing something else. You start to think and think and think and think and think not realizing that even though your journey was different than the person that got there earlier you still made it. You made it. You made it to LA!

Get focused and stay on your journey!  Rock On!!!!