Feeling really blessed

I am feeling really great right now.  Today has been an amazing day. I was able to spend the whole day with my family because of the weather.  School was canceled because of the weather and both me and my husband had light schedules so we all just ran errands and hung out together. 


Today we are also getting the cabinets in our house finished and our kitchen was unavailable for dinner so our friend invited us to her house to hang out and have dinner and it was absolutely amazing.  Life is good!

Just say no to gurus…


People are not chickens. People are smart.  People are kind. People can love. People are amazing!  People are also gullible,  sad, insecure and lonely and most gurus…even the good ones….play on this.  I am not talking about far out Jim Jones or 60’s communal gurus. I am talking about every day gurus that people follow without thinking about why or thinking about who they are really following. 

I go to church and I love my church however I do not follow religion or agree blindly with every word that a leader says.  For example I actually got into a very intense debate at church with a lady because I believe in gay rights and I believe that people should be allowed to love who they love.  My church does not dictate how this lady thinks and it does not dictate how I think and I have seen a little bit of “everybody” at my church.  We can think differently and still worship together.

I was however involved with a company a long time ago and because of the magnetism of the leader and my desire to be apart of something bigger than me, I allowed myself to become devoted to a man and a company that had some serious ethical issues behind the scene. For example there were instances of abuse of various kind that were swept under the rug. There were leaders that were straight up drug addicts even though we were told to live a clean and healthy lifestyle.   The beautiful part of my experience with that company is that I was taught some very powerful life lessons and my eyes were opened to the fact that I could be more and accomplish more than I ever had in my life up until then.  The sad part is that I wasted a lot of time,  energy and money chasing the Wizard of OZ when in reality everything I needed was right inside of me.  I made that choice to be in that situation.  I must be clear about that.

Back to the guru thing.  What I am trying to say is that there are people out there that want to help people and because of that desire they market an idea, product or service to people.  People then benefit from the idea, product or service and in turn that company or person becomes successful and this success may go to their head.  Instead of using their success for good they use it to manipulate and control people.  In some cases people actually start off trying to manipulate and control people. 

There are so many times since my experience with “that” company that some one has invited me to see “this” man or woman that has all the answers to…. (plug in your subject of choice) and as soon as I walk into the room I can feel the bs factor kick in i.e. everyone talking the same way, everyone saying the same thing, and everyone there is “absolutely amazing” or “absolutely awesome.” I am all for the warm and fuzy feeling.  I live for it but I can’t stand when someone abuses people through manipulation and staging.  You know…..the older guy in the back of the room that looks like a million bucks who is obviously very busy but he takes a moment to shake your hand, look you in the eye and explains how glad he is that you are there and that you are “in for a treat.” Or the beautiful young woman in her 20’s that looks and smells awesome and would fit in at any Hollywood upscale party but nooooo she is there just because she is so excited about what is going on. Or better yet…the lights go down, but not to dark…you can still see the person sitting next to you and there is a buzz in the air and a well dressed gentleman (not overly well dressed just a notch above everone else) comes out on the stage and thanks you for coming and explains how honored he is that you (and 300 others) choose to come today and that you are special just for taking the time to be there. Then he tells you a little about him self and how his life was changed by (your choice of idea, product or service) and then he proceeds to speak well of the person you are ACTUALLY there to see. First he lists a couple of the gurus accomplishments and then he tells a personal story about the guruv and then he says more nice stuff (but not to over the top…the good ones know better) and then he introduces the guru. The guru will either come out and look and speak impressive and look amazing OR he will look ordinary and sometimes less than ordinary but will be a master storyteller but either type will make you feel like “FINALLY,  I have found what I have been missing.”

The reason I am bringing this subject up is because there are people out there that are hurting or they just need a little help to get their life moving in the right direction.  Those people, including myself, need help and many of the ideas, products and services are helpful but people also need to understand how to tap into that universal power that is available to everyone.  We just need to get clear so we can let that power guide and direct us in our lives.  Also I bring this up because now there are so many ways that these gurus can get to people because of technology. There is nothing wrong with gurus doing their job. The problem comes when people stop thinking for themselves and start believing that they are nothing without their guru or that they cannot  navigate life without their guru.  You have what it takes to create an awesome life.  Don’t be a chicken.  Go for it!

Trust, Believe, Have Faith

Remember yesterday when I said the day ended on a crappy note….well today ended on a great note. Everything fell into place. What did I do to make that happen….nothing!

Let me clarify. I was so despondent about some news I got last night and I just did not know what to do to fix the situation.  All I could do was put the situation in God’s hands and believe that everything will work out for the best and it did.  I trust God, Spirit, Universe or whatever name you want to give the divine power that exists in and all around us.  God is my word of choice.   All I know is that sometimes when you don’t have the answer and you are tired of trying then the best thing to do is to let go of the situation and believe the best solution will come out in the end even if you don’t know how. I assure you it will.  My heart is happy and my spirit is light and I am feeling really thankful.  Trust, believe, have faith and everything will work out:)

Wow weekend! Ugh Monday but…


I have heard people say “don’t get to excited because something bad always happens after something good.” Well I am not going to believe that. I spent a great weekend with my family and some friends and I came back and had a very productive day in my business only for my day to end on a crappy note.  I needed to take a break because I have felt a little depressed and overwhelmed.  I am by nature a pretty happy person and I have an optimistic outlook on life so when I felt that my joy was leaving me I decided that I needed to reset my brain.   Being around family and friends helped me to feel joy again and it helped me reset my brain back to being positive and I really believe that is why I had a less stressful more productive day….well up until the end.  But once again I trust God to help me make things right.

I believe everything happens for a reason and we just have to trust God and his divine goodness. I don’t know why bad things happen after good things but what I do know is that I am going to live my life expecting good to happen on a daily basis.  There is so much beauty, peace, love, passion,  forgiveness and joy in the world but sometimes we forget that because bad things happen.  I like to look at it this way “somthing good always happens after something bad.” Have a blessed day.

Never ever give up!


No matter how you feel, never ever give up!  Things will change….most of the time for the better but once and a while it might be for the worst but that is usually only a temporary thing. I had a rough day yesterday and yet today turned out to be amazing!!! Personally, I spent time with amazing family and friends. However,  professionally things are not moving as fast as I would like but God has given me the strength to keep moving forward to my professional victory.  I have so much to be thankful for. Family,  friends,  energy,  health,  passion, a career I love and the hope for a bright future.  I know that it is important to never ever give up because I remember how far I have already came. Have an amazing life!