Do it now!

Nothing and no one is going to do it for you! The time is right now! It amazes me how many people have dreams and aspirations and they’re still waiting for the right moment for it to happen. It will never happen if you don’t make it happen 🙂 I really should put an exclamation point at the end of that last sentence but for some reason I felt like putting a 🙂 because I feel like it’s an inside joke that’s not really a joke it’s actually really very serious. People are hoping and waiting for their dreams to come true and the truth of the matter is dreams never come true without hard work, discipline and consistency. I just left a meeting that was put on my schedule yesterday even though I already have a busy schedule but I knew it was important for me to go because it will help me to continue to build my dreams. That meeting will help my dreams come true. Before I got 100% focused on my goals, I would make excuses why I could not do something instead of making reasons why I could do something. The time is right now I don’t know how old you or I don’t know what the conditions are around you but every day that goes by you’re one day closer to your dreams coming true if you make it happen. Set your sights, get a plan and execute. The time is now!!

Why Do We Need Proof For What We Already Know!

I know I feel better when I do not eat gluten. I know I think clearer when I get a full nights sleep.  I know I am less anxious when I get exercise.  However I still read online articles, magazines and scientific studies about the affects of gluten,  exercise and proper sleep. I still have long conversations about which types of exercise is best for me and my lifestyle.   I know what works for me and I know my thoughts are clearer and I focus better without gluten in my diet but sometimes I still think “there must be something else.”

I must admit that even though  I do  second guess sometimes, I usually  go with my instincts. It just amazes me that God, the Universe,  Spirit or what ever you want to call it, guides us daily.  Most people “know” the right thing to do to get the results they want but they do not trust their inner self. I know that there is a difference between behaving a certain way because of habit or personality and being driven and guided by a higher power.  When I didn’t go with what I “know” I got into crazy, negative and unfullilling situations because of bad habits and bad choices.  I was not listening to my inner voice, I was listening to ambition,  anxiety,  lust,  love and impatience among many other things.  I have noticed that when I go with my “inner knowing” things become easier but not necessarily perfect.  Even when I am working through my mistakes or disappointments I have noticed that I am more at peace when I relax, be still and listen internally for guidance.  I am listening for that “inner knowing.” When I talk about what you “KNOW” I am not talking about your education or experience.  I am talking about that intangible spirit that speaks to you or guides you and teaches you even when you do not know how you know but you just know that you know. Kinda like when you meet someone or walk into a room and something doesn’t feel right and you have no proof of why but you just know something is not right.  Another case is when you go with your gut and in the end everything turns out ok:)

My suggestion to you is to go for it! Trust what you “know” and never give up:) Rock On!