Love wins!


Love wins each and every time. It may take a year, a decade or centuries but in the end love wins!!

I am Black, I am a wife, I am a mom, I go to and volunteer at church, I have made mistakes and failed and I am also  successful however one thing I am not is stupid and close minded. I am married to a white man that I fell in love with 13 years ago who happens to be an amazing father and husband. I live in the south and not long ago it was illegal for us to be married.  “People” said that if you allow different races to marry then soon people will be allowed to marry animals(sound familiar). People used all kinds of religious rhetoric to justify their ignorance….it was not justified and the laws changed. Yesterday was a historic day for this country especially for the LBGT community but all in all it was historic for all of us as citizens of the UNITED States of America.

I choose love and I will choose it every time. I don’t belong to a party….I belong to the human race. I love people and I could care less about what concenting adults do in their bedroom. I just really don’t care but I do care when people spread hate, fear and ignorance because they were taught hate, fear and ignorance.

I was not going to post anything about this because I have friends and business associates that I know for a fact are upset and weirded out over the Supreme Court ruling yesterday and I didn’t want to rock the boat of my friendships or business ties but to say nothing is wrong. My voice may not reach many but my silence affects the universe. I am able to love and be married to the man of my dreams because many voices spoke up for me before I was born and kept speaking until things changed. For the people left in the dust of change I will continue to pray for you. For the people that understand that we are not a perfect nation but we want to continue to grow towards being a more UNITED nation I stand with you.

We live in an amazing country. We are not where we want to be but we are not where we use to be.

I love living in a country that is alive, evolving and growing. Just like in the past we will have fights, debates and conflict but in the end, as history has proven, LOVE WINS:)

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